Can I print Saga Print Out Sheets with my printer?

Yes you can. You can print the sheets with all inkjet and laser printers. You can print on A4 and US letter paper. And if you want to print on thick paper, feel free to do it.

How do the sheets work?

As soon as you have printed out your sheets you just need to cut off the button stripe and you are ready to play!

Can I download a sample of Saga Print Out Sheets to see how I like them?

Yes, of course. You can download this sheet.
By the way, all Saga Print Out Sheets come in both formats: A4 and US Letter.

How can I order?

Visit our shop.
Have a look for example on this product: the Instant Dungeon Builder.

What is the difference between Saga World Builder and Saga Print Out Sheets?

Saga World Builder is a Kickstarter funded real-life project featuring physical, high-quality game tiles. Take a look on our campaign here.

Saga Print Out Sheets are digital.
So no physical tiles. And you print them out with your printer.

Another difference between Saga World Builder and Saga Print Out Sheets is that the physical tiles are 6 by 6 and 3 by 6 inch and the digital Saga Print Out Sheets are 8 by 8 inch

Why are you developing a digital product?

We have been thinking a while about 8 by 8 inch tiles. 8 by 8 inch tiles work a bit different than the 6 by 6 and 3 by 6 inch tiles of Saga World Builder. Using 8 by 8 tiles has new design implications but this format is great for printing on standard formats –and it is super easy to just cut off a stripe of the sheet and obtain a square tile.

This new 8 by 8 system has inspired us to start an additional digital journey. Print-it-yourself tiles give us a much higher grade of design freedom. As we are not faced with any real-life limitations. And we can design as many digital print-it-yourself tiles as we want without thinking about paperweight or other limitations. Also, the 'design responsibility' is lower as the results are 'only' JPG files –not ten thousands physical tiles. The sheets have no side B. And no connectors.

And Saga Print Out Sheets are Instant  - no production - no need to wait - no shipping - just download, print and start playing!

For all these reasons we are starting our digital journey now offering an immense variety of print out tiles to let Saga fans print out their own tiles and design enormous and stunning RPG environments!

What is Saga Gold?

"Saga Gold" is part of the subscription services of Saga World Builder. Right now Saga Gold is exclusively for our Kickstarter Backers. But also non Backers will be able to purchase a Gold Membership soon. So stay tuned!

Saga World Builder Kickstarter campaign

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